Pastor Steele

Pastor Cameron Steele was raised in Cincinnati Ohio and still has family ties there.  He graduated from Concordia College Ann Arbor and served the Church as a Parish Assistant from 1982 – 1989.  After graduation from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, in 1993 he served as pastor of Hazel Park Lutheran church (a suburb of Detroit).  In 2002 pastor Steele and his family moved to Caro and what he now calls home.  

Pastor Steele married Ruth in June of 1982 and they serve the Lord together in many ways; both are actively involved in LWML in the local, zone, and Michigan district levels.  Pastor and Ruth also share a love of music.  Ruth is the Assistant Library Director at Rawson Memorial Library in Cass City.  

When he’s not working (and sometimes while he is) pastor enjoys classical music, old-time radio, reading, and walks with their two dogs, Blackjack and Wally.   

Their son, Aaron is studying pharmacy at the University of California in San Francisco. Aaron married Zoë in July of 2011. Their Daughter Hannah is a student at SVSU and is studying music. 

The Steeles find Caro to be a most comfortable home and enjoy the community and family of St. Paul Lutheran Church. 

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