Senior High

The youth ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church is here to:

Inspire the WORSHIP of God, 
UNITE youth with other Christians 
Enable them to 
SERVE God by meeting needs with love, 
Encourage them to 
SHARE the Word of God with non-Christians, 
While helping youth 
GROW in their faith.

First Light Bible Study

High schoolers meet Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 before school.  Breakfast is provided, so roll out of bed and join us for singing, Bible study, and prayer.  If you need a ride, please contact Greg Arnett.  

3: Servant Event Preparation Meeting 

We will have a preparatory cookout/meeting on Sunday, June 3rd at the Arnett’s (2319 S. Fenner Rd.) starting at 6:00.  We’ll provide the meat and drinks, but would like it if everyone brought one dish to pass.  Since this is our only meeting, please make every effort to attend.

15th: Servant Event Set up 

We will be setting up on Friday, June 15th starting at 9:00 AM.  Please make every effort to be there and help prepare the church.

17-25:  Fixin’ Up The Thumb Servant Event!

This will be our 23rd year of hosting Fixin’ Up The Thumb.  We have churches coming from New Haven, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Flushing, MI; and obviously our own youth from Caro. 

Youth attending the Servant Event should show up by 2:30 on the 16th and will be finished just after lunch on the 24th.

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