Junior High

The youth ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church is here to:

Inspire the WORSHIP of God, 
UNITE youth with other Christians 
Enable them to 
SERVE God by meeting needs with love, 
Encourage them to 
SHARE the Word of God with non-Christians, 
While helping youth 
GROW in their faith.

December 4: Advent Dinner

As a fundraiser, we will be serving the congregational dinner. Youth will be preparing food right after school, serving the dinner, and cleaning up.  

14: Christmas Party

Our afternoon will include, snacks, games, and a joke white elephant gift exchange.   We will be meeting in the youth room starting at 12:00 and finish at 2:00. Please bring the following: your favorite Christmas snack, and a joke white elephant gift (something that you already own but do not use anymore,  which is  not male  or  female in nature, and does not have your name on the  package). 

Children’s Christmas Program

Wednesday December 18th at 6:30 PM

  • Please have your child to church by 6:00 pm
  • Practice dates for the program are:
  •     -December 7th 10-11:30 am
  •     -December 14th 10-11:30 am
  •     -December 15th 9:45-10:45 am
  • Reading and speaking parts, and costume assignments will take place at practice.
  • All children from Pre-K to 8th grade will participate in some function, from songs to actions, costumed characters, reading and even ushering the service. For the evening to be a success it is a tremendous help to have your children come to practice.

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