Junior High

The youth ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church is here to:

Inspire the WORSHIP of God, 
UNITE youth with other Christians 
Enable them to 
SERVE God by meeting needs with love, 
Encourage them to 
SHARE the Word of God with non-Christians, 
While helping youth 
GROW in their faith.

November 4: Rake & Run 

All youth will be participating in this project that benefits the older people of our church!  We will be meeting at the church at 12:00, eat some pizza, then leave to rake some leaves.  Bring your rakes, work gloves, and blowers.  Adults are needed to drive.

18: Pack & Pizza 

Both youth groups will be participating in this project that benefits the shut-ins and some of our past Servant Event families!  We will be joining forces to prepare Shut-in boxes  after the late service (around 12:00) on November 18th.

December 5: Advent Dinner

As a fundraiser, we will be serving the congregational dinner. Youth will be preparing food right after school, serving the dinner, and cleaning up.  

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