Basic Information

23 years of serving the elderly, disabled and needy in the name of Christ! 

Looking forward to our 24th year:  June 22-30, 2019.

Fixin' Up the Thumb is a heavy duty construction Servant Event. We work on 5-8 homes for the needy, elderly, and disabled. We paint, roof, insulate, install plumbing, and repair rotted or damaged floors, walls, or ceilings.

As Servants, you will see your faith in action as you work, study, and fellowship together. Devotions, worship and Bible studies will focus on our serving under the Servant King-Jesus. An intense fellowship can be felt as you live, work, and play together for a week.  

Housing, Bible study, and community building activities will be held at our church. Showers will be at a local school. All work projects are in Tuscola County to keep driving times low.

If you should choose to attend our Servant Event, you will find Caro a warm, friendly, small town nestled in the "Thumb" of Michigan. The relationships you make with other Servants, and with the people you work for can be very rewarding, if not life-changing!

Hear a KFUO Faith n’ Family radio program about Servant Events and Fixin’ Up The Thumb here.

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