Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class

Holy Roar:  Greg Arnett will teach this Bible class in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday.


In the ancient world something extraordinary happened when God’s people gathered to worship him. It was more than just singing; it was a declaration, a proclamation, a time to fully embody praise to God for who his is, and what he has done. In fact, in the Psalms, there are seven Hebrew words that are translated into the English word “praise,” each of which represents a different aspect of what it means to truly praise God.


Pastor Steele's Class:  Of Paul’s fourteen Epistles, four were given to individuals: two to Timothy, one to Titus, and one to Philemon. The rest were written to entire churches. Pastor Steele’s Bible Class, will be a careful study of Paul’s two letters to Timothy.  In these letters we have Paul’s teaching and various admonitions regarding the duties of ministers of the church and other believers.

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